The management of AI Broker & Consultant is composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Specializes in providing insurance solutions for both commercial and personal clients since 2009, the company has around 20 employees who develop an entrepreneurial spirit by having a sense of ownership and taking initiative in their work.

Whether you need help with Home, Motor, Construction, Health, Business, Personal or Financial services, our expert employees are at your disposal to review your coverage, answer your questions and provide the best possible solutions. We put our customers’ needs first and are qualified to help them find affordable and reliable insurance products from a large portfolio of services and programs.

We sell quality products at a competitive price, offer financial security and claims service and help you find the perfect matching of coverage that fits your specific needs. We work with clients around the globe and provide them with the best deal possible. We are passionate about caring for your business and will do everything in our power to ensure that it succeeds!

Everythings is designed

we create new horizons

With our knowledge and talent in insurance industry, we are able to lead our company towards new horizons. Everything we do as an insurance company is designed for the benefit of enterprises and individuals.

Protect what you have

every detail counts

We are living in a world where enterprises and individuals can succeed together. At AI Broker & Consultant, we support our customers whether to protect their families, build their businesses and invest in their futures.